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225 65 16C - LRD 112/110T LSV88

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225 65 16C - LRD 112/110T LSV88
Part Number: 225-65-16-C-LSV88
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These â??Câ? designated tires are designed for higher load carrying capacities. Fitments are available for a broad range of commercial vehicles.

Typical Vehicle Fitments:
Dodge Ram ProMaster
Nissan NV200
Ford Transit Connect Van/Wagon
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Largest Selection of Staggered Tire Sizes for Replacement and Original Equipment Fitments.

The CLV2 All Season Highway Terrain tires are T, H, V, and W speed rated so youâ??ll feel confident at highway velocity, the CLV2 also features enhanced stability tread design and stylishly civilized good looks. Youâ??ll own the road.